My Nude Year: Day 80 of 365

Shannon has a bachelorette party to go to later and so we started today’s shoot early. We wanted to capitalize on the rainy day by working outside. I wanted to get a shot that was tight enough to see the rain bouncing off of Shannon’s body but as usual the rain decided to stop. I took a few images with different lengths of zoom but really liked this one. The difference in texture really makes Shannon stand out in the photo. Once we were finished shooting and Shannon had gotten dressed and ready to go out, the skies opened up and it decided to pour. If only it had done that an hour earlier we would have been able to capture the image I was intending. I feel and hope we will have a few more chances to get a rainy shot before summer gets here.

I haven’t decided on a concept for tomorrow but it may be at a storage unit. Until then,

JW Purdy