My Nude Year: Day 78 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I wanted to change the background as well as layer the photo. To layer a photo you really want three or more elements in the image. We only used two, not counting the counter, in this one but I really think the dark cabinets make it work well with Shannon’s skin tones. Normally when layering a photo you would put something in the foreground part of the image that is slightly out of focus. In this photo the counter serves as a kind of foreground. Next you place your subject, Shannon, which is in very sharp focus. Finally, in the background you allow the focus to slightly blur again. This helps create depth and interest to your photo. We really didn’t have any foreground object for this photo I felt worked well with the sense so I used a rim light over Shannon’s back right shoulder to give her a little more separation from the background. This one simple light really makes her figure stand out from the really dark cabinets against the wall.

Happy Friday tomorrow everyone,

JW Purdy