My Nude Year: Day 60 of 365

Tonight we decided to play with a long exposure photo. There is a setting on a camera, which allows you to open the shutter exposing the film/sensor for long durations. You and use this setting to create some really interesting photos. If the room you are working in is dark enough you can use a flashlight or a camera flash to paint your subject. We wanted to create a photo in which Shannon would be relatively in the same location but turning on an axis. Once the shutter was open I proceeded to fire the flash as she stood facing the camera. I then asked her to turn to her left followed by a turn to the right. At each turn I shot her with the flash. The end result is essentially a ghostly looking triple exposure. One problem we had that I found after the shoot was over was my rear neighbors porch light was bright enough to shine through my backdrop. 

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JW Purdy