My Nude Year: Day 77 of 365

Today has been a great day! My big short-term goal at the business I’m working for was finally reached after nine weeks. We have reached a point in our occupancy in which we need to condense the owners units to make room for new customers. The owner has done a wonderful job with the business in just a year and a half of ownership. When he bought the place the occupancy rate was around 10% and now it is near 70%. I hope to have it at 90% before the end of summer. I will soon be launching an all out blitz of a marketing campaign.

For tonight’s photo I wanted to play around with lighting concepts a little. Instead of lighting Shannon directly I wanted to focus most of the light on the wall behind her and let just a portion of the light spill over on to her. By only allowing a part of the light to hit Shannon’s figure directly it created really soft transitions form light to shadow making for a more dramatic feeling image. One small detail about this photo that I really love is the reflection of her hand and arm on the tile. To me it almost seems like someone is reaching out from a fantasy world to press a palm against hers.

We are nearing the end to the kickstarter campaign. I want to thank everyone for their kind support. Please help us spread the word, we have a long way to go and need all the help we can get. If you haven’t visited the kickstarter project please go to We sure would love your support and you risk nothing. If the campaign does not get funded you pay nothing. We have 10 days left so please tell everyone you know.

Thank you,

JW Purdy