My Nude Year: Day 74 of 365

Tonight we went out our friend’s house for a show we all watch together. We had a very nice evening and always love getting to spend time with them. Once we got home I started discussing tonight’s photo with Shannon. The pose was very physically taxing and Shannon did a great job executing the figure. After a few test shots we started the set. I could not get the camera in the angle I was really after and wasn’t happy with the framing. I moved the lights and gave it one more shot. Having recorded the best photos I felt we could get in our limited space I told Shannon we were done and she could relax.

The pose we were working on is very hard on your lower back and Shannon got into a position to relax her back after the 15 minutes of shooting. Walking back into the living room I was struck by her natural pose. I asked her not to move and grabbed my camera. I used the little light that was available in the room and turned off all of the flash lighting. I dialed up my camera setting to allow for a new proper exposure and pushed the shutter button. I gave a quick look at the LCD screen to review the photo and noticed a mistake. I leaned down and took one more photo and feel in love with it. Many times while shooting the unplanned shots become the best and this was one of those moments.

I am very excited to announce the release of my first eBook/pdf. It is currently available in my store for $3.95. This book details the elements of composition from Shannon’s first shoot. This shoot was unexpected and took place near the small town of Madrid, New Mexico. You purchase the book by going to

Thanks for reading,

JW Purdy