My Nude Year: Day 73 of 365

After a busy day at work I came home and started think about tonight’s pose. I wanted to focus on Shannon’s classic figure. I went over some of the old masters work and really looked for details present in the majority of their paintings. One feature present in the work of the old masters is the bottom of the model. If you spent just a little time studying their work you will notice that the bottom of the figure model is almost always very pronounced and close to the viewer in it’s framing.

Once Shannon got home from the store I told her the concept for the evening. We setup the black backdrop in order to create strong contrast in the photo and place our key light to the right of the frame. The key light for this shot was a soft light using a shoot thru umbrella. I wanted a soft light for this photo so it would wrap around Shannon’s figure and catch some of the details on her back adding a little interest to her form. Being this was going to be a classic figure study image I had Shannon turn her head to the light source revealing her beautiful profile. The strong contrast from white to black in the photo really brings out the line of Shannon’s face. As we were discussing before I had Shannon pose in a way that her bottom would be nearest to the camera. We accomplished this by having her lean slightly away from my position.

I hope all of you are enjoying this massive undertaking. It has been a great project and a learning experience for us both. I feel we have captured some really solid photos and still have a ton of ideas to go. We would love your feedback and ask that you leave us a comment here by clicking the comment link below.

Thank you all for reading and have a great Sunday tomorrow,

JW Purdy