My Nude Year: Day 71 of 365

Tonight we wanted to change up the background a little. We decided to use the curtains in my office to bring a little color and texture into the photo. I asked Shannon to get in a classic seated pose and set my primary light up behind her. I wanted the front of her figure to fall partially into shadow. We took a couple of test shots and found that the transition form light to dark was too great. I then set up a reflector in front of Shannon to bounce some of the flash back into her body opening up the shadows a little. I really love the soft transition the light made as it wrapped around her body. The color tones of the photo have been brought down slightly creating a nice sense of color matching between Shannon’s skin tones and the curtain behind her.

Tonight while Shannon was at the rodeo I had time to record my first official episode of “The Art of Nude”. I will get the video edited over the weekend and post it to my blog on Monday. I hope to be able to bring you a new video post every two weeks. I hope it will add a new dynamic to the blog. I would love to hear from all of you on what you like best about the blog and general comments and feedback are always desired.

I hope you have a wonderful day,

JW Purdy