My Nude Year: Day 69 of 365

onight’s rodeo went great, we had the best seats I have ever personal been in. We were only a few rows up from the shoots. We got to see some great bareback riding and calf roping. The bull riding was a big shock as only one rider was able to hold on for the full 8 seconds. The concert after was good but we left a little early to beat the crowd and get home for today’s photo. I wanted to concentrate on a diagonal composition for the photo. After having setup and getting Shannon’s pose down we took a couple of test photos. In looking at the test images I repositioned the light to hit more of Shannon’s butt and started the shoot over. After reviewing the final photos I ended up liking one of our test photos above all the rest. This was the final photo I picked for the book.


Sorry this is a little short but I’m very tired and it’s really late. See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy