My Nude Year: Day 68 of 365

For the first time since we started the project, I did not have to move the coat rack in order to get a shot. Many of the photos we complete are taken in the foyer of our home. In the last half of this foyer is a coat rack with a large mirrored back on it. Most nights I have to push this out of the way before I start setting up our lighting. Tonight however we wanted to play with the reflection in the mirror as a creative way to use negative space.

We started out with the light source to Shannon’s right side but the reflection in the mirror was to dark and the light was too flat in general. I moved the light to the opposite side and the photo became much more dramatic. I have placed Shannon on the left third of the photo, using the Rule of Thirds, and allowed her reflection to fall in the negative space on the right third of the photo. I framed the photo so that the vase on the left side would give you some background interest as well as echo Shannon’s large bottom.

Tomorrow I will be headed to the Rodeo for the first time this year. I can’t wait and the concert afterward should be very good as well.

Until then,

JW Purdy