My Nude Year: Day 58 of 365

Tonight we continued with out profile theme. The lighting for this photo is much different however than last nights. The light was placed at a 45-degree angle behind Shannon and was pointed just to her left side. The light was allowed to hit the wall and part of her back making for a nice rim effect you can see on her right arm and upper buttock. Having the light at this angle caused some of the light to bounce off of the wall and back onto Shannon’s face opening up the shadows allowing you to see some details. There is a slight lens flare in the bottom left corner of the photo that was intended. I actually wanted a little more defined flare but Shannon was interested in getting to bed early so I settled for a three-photo set. Two of the photos were lighting test photos so really it ended up being a one-photo set. As long as you get what you are looking for less is better. 

Thank you all so much for your support,

JW Purdy