My Nude Year: Day 57 of 365

Today was a very long day. I spent the entire day getting my yearly tax paperwork in order and sitting in my accountant’s office. It is always so intense of a time wondering what the end result will be. This is the earliest I have been able to get my taxes done in around a decade. I am so glad it is over until next year but then again it’s a whole year away.

After a long stressful day I wanted a nice peaceful photo. As I have told you all before I love a strong profile image and we setup to capture one with a little different pose. I turned Shannon perpendicular to the wall and put my light source directly in front of her with a very tight funnel of light. I asked her to extend her arms forward while at the same time looking down. I framed the photo in my viewfinder so that her arms and chest would act as a frame within a frame. The technique really draws you eye into the subject of the photo, which is Shannon’s face. I muted the colors in the photo allowing it to be very low contrast but retaining its detail.

I want to thank all of you that have contributed to our kickstarter campaign. We are so very humbled by your generosity.  If you haven’t taken a look at the kickstarter site please go to

See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy