My Nude Year: Day 56 of 365

Okay, so tonight went completely unplanned. It a little bit of a long story but I hope you will indulge me. We still had a dozen roses around the house from Valentines Day. Two days ago I told Shannon, “We need to keep those.” I didn’t tell her I had plans to shoot with them once they completely dried out. I wanted to shoot her smelling a rose and as she was it would be half crumbled onto a white bed. I wasn’t sure how we would place the other flowers but we would figure it out as we shot I assumed.

One of our long time friends was coming over for dinner tonight. We have not seen Jacob in a few years since he moved away to Dallas and has stayed so busy with his work. We finally caught up with him online and he said he would love to come over for dinner. The premise of Jake coming over setup tonight’s shoot failure. Shannon, wanting the house to look nice, saw the roses this morning and remembered me saying, “We need to get rid of those.” Since today was trash day she wanted to be nice and put them out for the trash man having heard me wrongly. As we discussed the concept for the shoot I told her my idea and look toward the kitchen sink only to find the flowers missing. She told me she had thrown them away which was a huge shock. After Jake left around 11:30 we started going over ideas. I still wanted to shoot an organic photo and so we setup in a wide corner of our foyer. I used a gridded light place to Shannon’s left side and framed the photo to include the vase above her. Even with the mishap the night was wonderful. We were able to catch up with a very good friend and still had time to capture a strong photo.

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We will see you again tomorrow,

JW Purdy