My Nude Year: Day 55 of 365

Tonight we started playing with different concepts. Different in what is normally composed and shot by most photographers. The stack of books is positioned to have a slight S-curve in its form. Normally you would put your model into a slight S-curve as it is very pleasing to the viewer’s eye and compliments a women’s shape as well. In contrast to this tonight we put the books in an S-Curve and Shannon’s figure is very straight. I really liked the lens flare near the top book. I could have taken it out in editing but I felt it brought something more to the image.

We launched our Kickstarter campaign today and it is going very well. A very good friend and the man I considered my mentor was the first to support the project. Also a few people from Flickr I have been chatting with for a long time now put money up as well. I am so grateful for everyone's generosity. I hope things will continue well and the project with be funded before the deadline gets here. 

We have started a Kickstarter campaign and would really appreciate your support. You can view it by going to

A sincere thank you from both Shannon and I to our supporters,

JW Purdy