My Nude Year: Day 53 of 365

Tonight we set up to shoot a silhouette on a high-key (bright) background. I wanted to use a play on symmetry in this photo. I love all the implied triangles in this image. It really gives your eye something to explore.

Another couple of cold weeks for us down here in the south Republic, it has been a very strange year so far. I’m loving the cooler weather and won’t complain, plus it keeps the electric bill down by not using the air conditioner. I’m very happy to announce that I have my Kickstarter project page complete. I’m just waiting to here back from the staff to see if I missed anything before posting. Hopefully I will get to post tomorrow or on Tuesday. If all goes well this blog will be available to my backers as the project gets funded. We really need it to get funded as we had another failure of equipment to work with tonight. My flash receiver went on the frits and I had to pull out the spit and glue to get it back working again. Shooting daily has really taken a toll on my gear.

I have a couple of concepts I really want to try but I’m lacking the materials to get them shot. I am working on making one of the props now but it has been difficult for me to get done. I am making a video of the process and I hope you will all get a laugh out of it. My first attempt was a complete failure. I watched a YouTube video to learn how to make it and the girl made it look so easy, well let me tell you it is not easy at all.

We have started a Kickstarter campaign and would really appreciate your support. You can view it by going to

I hope you all have a wonderful week and are looking forward to getting back to work. Best wishes from both Shannon and I and we will talk tomorrow,

JW Purdy