My Nude Year: Day 51 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I set up for a low-key (dark) photo with very strong rim lighting. I placed the light source behind Shannon on a 40-degree angle or so. I put another small light in front of her to open up the area shaded in darkness due to the lack of any light. I wanted to shoot the photo for a mid level contrast photo, something strong yet soft to the eye. I took a few shots and adjusted the lighting as needed to accomplish the task.

While I was working at the little business I have been consulting for today I found a really interesting light bulb filled half with water. I thought this was very odd and decided to bring to home to play with. After Shannon and I finished our first set of photos I gave her the light bulb to play with. We set a flash between her legs and pointed it toward the bottom of the bulb. On one side of the bulb all the reflective coating had come off and I asked Shannon to position her prop so that the light would hit this area. Due to the reflective material being absent the bulb appears to be glowing without being plugged in. I think the photo came out really neat and even though the other image is what I wanted to capture I will be keeping this one for the book instead. 

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JW Purdy

My nude year - Shannon Purdy Day 51-1