My Nude Year: Day 50 of 365

Some people should not make crafts. I happen to fall into that category it seems. I have had the idea of shooting Shannon in an Elizabethan Neck Ruff for a very long time. I decided today to search around and find one to purchase on the Internet. I was shocked at how much they cost. In looking around I found a how to video on a YouTube and it looked easy enough. I went to the local Hobby Lobby to buy the needed supplies and came home to start the adventure. In my first attempt, I tried to modify the directions and make the ruff a little larger than the example. I soon discovered that to increase the overall length of the ruff you need wider ribbon and not to increase the folds of the ribbon. This made for failed attempt number one. Next I used the width of the ribbon to determine the length of the folds and sewed it all together. Having finished I discovered that I had not left enough play in my sewing and the ruff was to stiff to shape into a circle. I removed some of the coils and tied it all off again only to find that I had ruined the entire project by creasing the fabric as I went. Instead of looking like a ruff it resembled an accordion. The most horrifying part of this whole painful project is that I recorded a lot of it.

I will attempt this one more time on Saturday and hopefully with the lessons learned today I will complete the task. After completion I plan to release the video as a lighthearted joke on myself. I can only imagine that it is very funny.

After having failed to make the ruff Shannon and I went to our backup plan. I have wanted to shoot this photo for some time now but Shannon was not sure she would like the outcome. I personally really like the image but I am very jaded when it comes to photos of her. At times I find it very hard to stay objective.

I’m sure you have discovered that this post is much longer than any of the prior nights. I have been writing based on the limited space allowed in a specific book-writing program I have. After giving it much thought I have decided that all the commentary featured on this blog will not be included in the final print book. It is just not possible to tell you about all of our shoots in such a limited space as allowed by the book program. I will be able to put it into an eBook; I will just have to find different book creation software. On a final note, I am happy to report that our Kickstarter campaign is almost ready to be published. The project should go live before the end of the weekend. Hopefully in 30 days we will have the much-needed funds to complete this project without a problem. It has been a busy month so far but it has also been a lot of fun.

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JW Purdy