My Nude Year: Day 47 of 365

Shannon had to work very late tonight which gave me ample time to develop a concept for today’s photo. I had all the details worked out and was ready to shoot when she got home. I told her the concept and we started to shoot. About five photos in she asked me to take one more for her. She completely changed pose and I composed the photo and pushed the shutter. As soon as we got it on the Mac we were sold on her idea. It is really fun and a great relief to have a model so experienced, that just by looking at the lighting they know a pose that will look terrific. Once long ago a pen pal told me to hire a professional model to work with. He said it would be an experience like I had never had before and he was completely right. So for any of you photography buffs out there I would give the same recommendation. It will truly change the way you see models. They are highly skilled artists that can make or break your photos.

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JW Purdy