My Nude Year: Day 9 of 365

We had a little trouble with today’s photo. We tried three different poses before we found one to settle on. I have two mannequins in my attic and earlier in the week while putting some things away I brought one down. The pose I wanted to try and shoot was to capture the mannequin pulling Shannon’s hair while propped on a stole. Shannon’s idea was to have the mannequin holding her while she lying on her side. Needless to say neither of these ideas worked out for us. Finally, I decided to shoot something that just felt right in theory. I grabbed my black living-room chair and asked her to think of Helmet Newton. We came up with a strong pose and started playing with the lighting. I wanted a photo with high contrast and an edgy Newton feel to it.

This is an outtake from today’s shoot. Shannon was trying to set up for her ideal shot with the mannequin. Lying on her side wrapping her arms around the mannequin suddenly the whole body came sliding down. We didn’t know you could control the height of the body up and down and down they came. We had to take a break, as we were both laughing so hard.

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JW Purdy

My nude year - Shannon Purdy Day 9-4 Outtake