My Nude Year: Day 339 of 365

I can finally let the cat out of the bag. I got to work with the wonderful Leah Velocity tonight. I made mention of it before but didn’t want to reveal her name just in case something happened and we couldn’t work together.  Leah is such a professional and a pleasure to work with. We have been talking off and on for the past five years but never found time to work with each other. Mostly it has been my fault due to working like a madman for so many years now. She showed up on time and gave both Shannon and I a big hug and was full of energy. After she freshened up her makeup we got right to work. I used a very simple lighting setup and Leah really did all the work. She is a natural and reminded me why working with a pro is so nice. Her posing skill is amazing and she has a beautiful figure. We shot on both high and low key backgrounds and I was able to capture some fantastic photos.

As we neared the end of the shoot I asked her if she would be willing to pose with Shannon for the photo of the day. She agreed and even let me film it. The girls got on the floor and had to get face to face which must have been a little uncomfortable, as they don’t really know each other. They took it in stride and even started laughing at one point, which I happened to get on camera. I accidently over exposed the front light in this photo but it was awesome to just to have the two of them work together. If you happen to be a photographer I highly recommend working with Leah Velocity, she’s awesome.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy