My Nude Year: Day 336 of 365

Tonight we celebrated our oldest son’s birthday. I can’t believe the years have passed so quickly. I say that with every child each year but really I must be getting old. We have two already gone off into the great wide world and now one more on the way, which leaves us with only one left. Before I know it he will be off as well. It seems like only yesterday I was loading them all up to take to school every morning. I was luck in the fact that while the kids were young I was able to take them to school, the doctor and attend all school functions just be rearranging my day. I will never regret having had time to spend with them as they grew up. Those years can never come back.

For tonight’s photo we wanted to use a prop that you may recall already seeing. We used this mask a few nights ago but really wanted to feature the great contrast of it in a more direct way. I set a light with a medium grid and had Shannon turn her body away form the light while turning her face towards it. This ensures her face is properly exposed while creating deep shadows on her figure accenting the curves of her breasts.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy