My Nude Year: Day 347 of 365

Today Shannon and I went shopping. Normally I don’t really like fake Christmas trees but Shannon wanted to get one since all the kids are grown now and we have all the responsibility of decorating it ourselves. We went to a half a dozen stores trying to find a tree that looked like something other than a bunch of pipe cleaners stuck together. After having viewed a lot of trees we finally set our eyes on one of the first trees we had seen. We went back to the store to confirm the price and I’m happy to report that the tree has currently made its home in our living room. It turns out that it looks pretty good and we wont have to worry about all the clean up once the holiday is over.

For tonight’s photo Shannon curled a few strands of her hair and used it to frame the broad side of her face. I place our key light slightly above her and at a 90-degree angle to create dramatic shadows. I cropped the image so that her red lipstick and the bottom of her nose would be visible without the rest of the details giving you a sense of longing. I really enjoy this type of image and it may become one of my favorite images as time goes on.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy