My Nude Year: Day 343 of 365

Today we received another package in the mail. This one was not as exciting as yesterdays little brown box of goods but something new to play with by and by. I have a corporate party to shoot this weekend and after one of last years parties needed to restock my supply of props. Shannon and I picked out several fun items for the partygoers to play with and they have started to trickle in here and there. The box we received today had two hats. One is a big green stovepipe hat with green hair attached and the other was a 30’s style flower derby. Shannon braided her hair and wrapped it into a bun and then dawned the derby. I used a small shoot-thru umbrella to light the foyer and concentrated on her beautiful eyes. After a few photos she thought to blow me a kiss and it came out perfect.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy

My nude year - Shannon Purdy Day 343-3