My Nude Year: Day 334 of 365

I hope all of you had a wonderful day and were able to take advantage of the online sales that are now in full force everywhere you look. We went online and bought a few items for future shoots in the coming year. We were able to save over half the purchase price on some items we had already had our eyes on. You have to love the online deals at this time of year.

For tonight’s shot we set up with a single gridded light as our key light. Shannon got into one of my favorite styles of pose by stacking her lines. This type of pose is very difficult and hard on her body but she always takes them in stride. I shot the scene from two different angles and liked this one best. This was actually our first shot, lighting test, and I was guessing at my settings. Due to not having my settings dialed in yet the photo was too dark. I brightened the photo in postproduction, which gave it a very grainy feel. I really think that actually added to the photo and I am very pleased with my mistake.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy