My Nude Year: Day 331 of 365

I was able to avoid most of the Black Friday madness today. I had to work until 5:30 and then Shannon asked me to meet her at the cell phone store. She wanted to cash in on the discounted phones for both of us. I don’t really care about having a phone but she really wanted a new one and the one she has is starting to give her a lot of problems. So we are both owners of new phones as of today.

For tonight’s photo I really wanted to control the amount of light in the scene. I setup our black drops to absorb any spill from our key light. I used a soft box place about one and a half feet from Shannon’s figure. In order to draw the viewer to her figure she dropped her head back so all you can really see is her neck and chin. I really enjoy the photo and hope you do as well.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy