My Nude Year: Day 325 of 365

Well I’m out of my funk today. I’m not sure if I had a good nights sleep or the temperatures have gone down but it seems to be over. We had a nice day once I got home from work. It was our youngest daughters dorm-mates’ birthday and so we took her to dinner. It was a good meal and a great time. Once we got home I started thinking about a concept for tonight. I figured the best way to get out of my rut was to go back to the start. I thought about the first studio shoot with my mentor Bob Warren and set up to shoot something similar to his style. I really concentrated on line and added the wire spool for something a little different with interesting lines of its own. I really like the end results and need to make a mental note that when progressing we must always look back to insure we are walking straight and not in a circle. Our beginnings point toward the end.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy