My Nude Year: Day 321 of 365

Wow, what a wonderful meeting I had tonight with the Houston Photographic Society. I was running a little late to the meeting and as soon as I got there I found a little open space on a table which would allow me room to get my work out. From the corner of my eye I could see someone approaching and I thought to myself that it was one of the members coming over to say hello and see my entries for the print competition. A few more moments passed and a hand was extended my way. I raised my eyes to greet the fellow photographer and was shocked to find my very first mentor staring back at me. I was so surprised I nearly couldn’t find words but then a funny story hit me. We stood and talked a few minutes and my heart was soaring. I haven’t seen Bob Warren in a few months and was so happy to get to spend a few minutes with him. I may be a little bias but it was the best review of everyone’s work I have been witness to since I started the club earlier this year. I wish everyone could meet and work with Bob. He has so much to teach and does it in a way in which he is offering opinions on how to improve an image but never comes across as critical in a negative way. He is very specific and explains in depth his reasoning for liking something as well as reasons he may not like an aspect of a photograph. If I remember correctly Bob has been shooting for 40 years and I can tell you he is a master of the craft.

Once I arrived home the family sat down for dinner together. Shannon had to work late and so my arrival time was perfect, as she had just finished cooking for all of us. After we finished it was time to concentrate on the photo for the evening. Usually on my meeting nights Shannon will find something she wants to try but didn’t have time tonight to look. I was just plain out of gas but came up with a quick concept we could try. At first I was not very happy with the results and so we moved onto one of Shannon’s ideas. She was very playful and was acting the part of a ham. Once I put the images on the computer I found that I indeed did like the concept we had started with as well as a few photos of her being a goof. I ended up going with the first concept for the project but kept the ham photos for the set at the end of the month, kind of B-roll you might say.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy