My Nude Year: Day 318 of 365


Tonight I felt like showing off Shannon’s curves. What better way than to set up in a low shooting position with soft side lighting. I had Shannon sit down cross-legged style and cross her arms in front of her breasts. I positioned myself below her head level almost looking up at her from the floor. I place our key light, a soft box, at a steep angle to Shannon’s right side. I chose this angle to create a very dark shadow side emphasizing the roundness of her figure. The reason I decided to go with a softbox for this shot is that I wanted to control the light and keep it from spilling all over the foyer. If I had used a shoot-thru umbrella light would have been allowed to bounce all around filling in my shadow side. On a final note our thoughts and prayers go out to our allies in France, may God be with you all.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy