My Nude Year: Day 317 of 365

Time for some humor everyone. Shannon was very tired tonight and as I was checking me email messages she fell asleep on the couch. I took advantage of the time and set up for our shoot. Once I had everything in place I woke her up.  I knew she wasn’t going to be happy since she was already sleepy but I went ahead and told her we were shooting with a light barbell. Shannon hates lifting weights and the look she gave me made me chuckle a little. I even have it on video for this week’s blog episode, ha. At the end of lifting the weights a few times she squatted down and gave me a smoldering dirty look and I decided that would be tonight’s image. It’s all fun and games but if you see my obituary in the paper tomorrow call the cops.

In other news, I have wanted to work with a wonderfully talented model for several years but something always gets in the way. Over the past few weeks I have been talking with her and it looks like we will finally get to work together during the first week in December. I’m so excited and can’t believe how long it has taken for everything to fall into place. She has been very accepting of my crazy schedule and willing to overlook my inability to get something done sooner. I will know more over the next few days and keep you up to date how it is all going.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy