My Nude Year: Day 315 of 365

Tonight we took the boys to a local buffalo wings restaurant to support out oldest sons school. We put on school pride shirts and headed out to meet some friends and enjoy a spicy dinner. Our friends brought their little one who is not so little anymore. He is getting so big already. He will be two soon and is such a ham. He was having some mac and cheese and once he got full he decided he out squeeze all the cheese from the noodles. From head to toe he was covered in cheese and loving every minute of it. After dinner we all shared a huge bowl of ice cream and the baby was sporting a chocolate goatee.

Once we got home we notice a significant amount of water in my office, and yes again with the water in our new house. You may recall near the first of the project our water heater sprang a leak and drenched our hallway. This time the icemaker went bad and the water traveled under the baseboards and showed up in my office. Being we have already taken a photo of Shannon cleaning up a watery mess with the shopvac we passed on the idea. Once we had everything cleaned up and the water line secure we got to work. Shannon put on a garter belt and some stockings and we shot a simple crouching pose. The lighting was very focused and rendered her almost as a silhouette.

Until tomorrows adventure,

JW Purdy