My Nude Year: Day 314 of 365

Tonight I had one of my monthly meetings with the Houston Photographic Society and it was very informative. I’m not a big gear guy but I am in the process of deciding on my next camera and tonight’s meeting was a great help. We had two different camera reps in to talk about the new mirrorless cameras on the market. One of the reps was the Houston rep for a large camera manufacture and gave us a lot of good information about the new technology out in the mirrorless line. The other rep was from a local camera exchange and talked about all brands and types of cameras. I took a few minutes after the meeting to talk with the exchange’s rep and he gave me his advice regarding the cameras I’m debating over. I have narrowed my list down to three and he pointed to a fourth option I had taken off of the table due to age. He told me the camera was still a perfectly good camera and based on the price point it was hard to beat.

Once I got home Shannon had already selected a photo idea she wanted to try. Sometimes I think she picks a concept based on how difficult she thinks the pose will be. I laughed and told her the pose may be easy but the lighting setup was more challenging than she expected. I went a head and set up the light for the shoot by using a single light with a tight grid placed on the reflector. I used a diffuser panel on the front of the grid to soften the source while keeping the beam of light narrow and controlled. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to recreate lighting setups.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy