My Nude Year: Day 313 of 365

Okay so I know I’m a very anxious person but my world got rocked this evening. When we built out home a few years ago we intentionally chose our lot near two different sheriff’s officers. One is a retired officer and a legend in our county. He lives across the street and a few doors down. While attending a school function for our oldest son I received a call that I need to check on my next-door neighbor and then go have a talk with the officer. It seems that at some point during the day a shady character was lurking around my neighbor’s house acting as if he was trying to get someone to answer the door. Our neighbor is a very quite single mother and so I was very worried. I told Shannon about the situation and she told me I could just leave and she would fill me in on the meeting later. I rushed home and calmly explained what was going on to our neighbor. She told me she was not expecting a visitor and she also stated she had an alarm system in place just in case. I told her that we would be keeping an eye out for her and if she needed anything to just call us.

All of this got me thinking about how easy it would be to get into our house. We have a very open home with big beautiful windows all around. We love having a lot of natural light and therefore don’t really cover our windows with exception to a few curtains that are more window dressing than covers. It is so easy for someone to see directly in our home during the day. My office is the front room and you can clearly see all of my equipment by looking in the open window. This got me thinking about the fact that maybe he was seeing if the neighbor was home so he could break into our house without being noticed. Shannon and I discussed it tonight and are very concerned. We have not had our alarm system monitored for about two years now but I will put in a call to have that changed tomorrow. Our little subdivision has never had a break in but times change and we must change with them.

For tonight’s photo we decided to work on another couples photo. This image is a lot more edgy than the last one. I wanted the lighting to be very dramatic for this provocative image so I used split lighting with a shoot-thru umbrella to soften the light a little. Split lighting works well for men but in usually not very attractive for women however by using a less than 90-degree angle and a light modifier it soften the source just enough.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy