My Nude Year: Day 276 of 365

Well you may be asking yourself who’s birthday is it this time. It is my big 40 today and Shannon pulled out all the stops. When I arrived home from work I had a house full of guests waiting and if I’m not mistaken every inch of my house had been decorated. I received so many wonderful gifts but the best of all was my mom coming from New Mexico for a visit. I really thought Shannon had arranged for one of my buddies to come in a stay a few days but around midnight my mom knocked at the door. It was such a wonderful surprise and then to have my friends over today for a great party made it one of my best birthdays ever.

Not to let Shannon’s hard work go to waste, we used some of the balloons she bought for my party to shoot with tonight. I wanted to give the impression that the balloons were lifting her up after having tied them around her waist. I hope you all had even half the day I had because then it will have been great to say the least.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy