My Nude Year: Day 301 of 365

Tonight, well actually last night, Shannon had an idea she wanted to try. Due to it being day 300 we put it off one day so we could get the shot with the sword. When she got home this evening I had dinner all ready to go which gave us time to shoot and then gave me a lot of time to edit the photo. I needed more time to edit because Shannon wanted a photo with out imaginary pet crow, Poe. She envisioned a sitting on the time floor with a birdcage near her and looking intently at Poe. I set the shot up and we changed the leg position a few times and the shot went fairly quickly. I edited the photo which turned out very well. I made a video showing how I edited the images together and if you want to see it please click this link  Please allow a little while for me to get the video posted. I promise it wont take too long.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy