My Nude Year: Day 298 of 365

Today we were helping Shannon’s sister move into her new place. It will be a much better location for her and we are so happy. She currently has to drive over an hour to work and now her commute time will be around five minutes. It will also be nice having her closer to our house so she can come and visit more often. The move went really well and we had some great guys helping us. The couple she has been staying with host young men from Germany as part of a volunteer effort and they did most of the heavy lifting and were so pleasant.

We received a lot of great feedback from the photo Shannon took of me last night. The photo was posted to my Flickr account and everyone was very kind to give it such high praise. I asked her today on the way home when she was going to pick up the camera seriously and she gave me a deer in headlights look. She seems to be very comfortable shooting me but never wants to shoot anyone else. One thing I would like to accomplish in 2016 is to get Shannon shooting. I will introduce her to it slowly and I’m sure she will learn very quickly having been on the other side of the lens for so long now. She already see’s lighting setups very well and a few times during the project I have asked her to set the lights for the concept we will be shooting and she has always done a fine job.

For tonight’s photo we used a two light set. I placed out key light to the camera left with a shoot-thru umbrella and a separation light to camera right. We took three photos with different leg positions but the first one worked for us best.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy