My Nude Year: Day 293 of 365

Tonight we took our friends to dinner to celebrate their birthday. It is hard for me to believe that so much time has passed by already. A few events during the year get me thinking about my age. One of them is watching others grow older. I have known the kids godfather since he was 20 and today he turned 33. He now has a family of his own and is taking online classes from Harvard to become a computer programmer. We had a very nice dinner and all got a kick out of watching their newest addition goof around at the table, he’s such a ham.

We are getting back into headache season here in the south Republic and the storm clouds are building. At dinner Shannon started complaining of a strong ache coming on. I asked her if she needed some medicine but she told me she had already taken the max of the day. It will be a long week for her since one girl is out at work and the rain is going to be here through the weekend. Hopefully we quickly move into cooler weather and she won’t have to suffer to many problem days.

We had planned a specific shot for today but with her head pounding we were not able to get it. Shannon came up with a plan and I ran with it. The photos allowed her to keep her head up and came out very nicely.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy