My Nude Year: Day 292 of 365

Over this past weekend I finally broke down and updated the Mac as I told you a few days ago. Everything seems to be running well with the exception of being near my computers capacity editing photos. Tonight I ordered double the RAM memory as I have now and I’m hopeful that this will solve my problems. I can say that in basic operations it is like having a new machine and I am very happy having updated.  When I start working on photos however it becomes frustrating that my system starts to crawl. Once I get some more RAM, if that solves the slow down, I think I’m going to give Photoshop CC a try. It would be nice to have a healing brush built into Lightroom and then I would rarely ever need Photoshop.


Tonight Shannon and I wanted to work with a spot light overhead. As we don’t have a light boom we had to make our own. I grabbed a ladder out of the garage and we used a light stand tied to the ladder to give us the desired pattern on the floor. Shannon got down into pose and I took a lot of shots. I really love this lighting setup and couldn’t get enough of it. Shannon changed her pose slightly and we started up again. I switched between landscape and portrait shooting positions and was able to capture Shannon as well as our light above her. The photo looked so cool I almost picked it for tonight image however this one was the strongest of the group. I will be including the others in the set sale at the end of the month.


Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy