My Nude Year: Day 274 of 365

Tonight we had an unfortunate event happen at the house. Our refrigerator called it quits. We have only had it for three years but I know it is much older than that. Our friend gave it to us when we bought the house as a gift and it seemed to have been working fine and then nothing. I went on the search for a newer one and found a few that we like. I can’t believe how much appliances are going for now. I mean $2,300 for a refrigerator is just crazy talk in my book. We found one that sell for that brand new but it is two years old and the owner is looking to get $800. I think I may be able to get him to come down a little from that.

For tonight’s photo we wanted to go with a film noir feel. I had Shannon lean up against the edge of a wall and placed out key light past her and on about a 30 degree angle. I pumped in a ton of smoke with out fog machine and took a shot. The smoke had not filled the room yet so I wanted a few more seconds and fired another one. This one its mark but I wanted to adjust her pose slightly. She seemed to stiff in the photo so I had her relax slightly and took one more image. This one was perfect and in film noir style I rendered it in black and white.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy