My Nude Year: Day 291 of 365

Today was such a nice day off. Since I started taking Sunday off instead of Saturday I seem to feel more rested. I woke up after seven hours of sleep feeling like a completely new person. Shannon was cooking brunch and the smell filled the house, which is what I guess, lured me out of bed. After we ate we spent time with the kids just watching television and joking around. After a few hours we decided it would be a good day to complete a shoot we have been planning for a few months.

Shannon and I left the house bound for a nearby farm we have scouted out before. We took along an old typewriter and a birdcage we found looking around one day. I wanted to shoot Shannon as she was walking away from the props we had brought along. As a tribute the Edgar Allen I Photoshoped Poe, a black raven, into the photo as if he were sitting on top of his cage.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy