My Nude Year: Day 286 of 365

Tonight we had our portfolio review for friends and family at the Houston Photographic Society. It was very fun and we got to see a lot of really great work. A few of our friends were able to come as well as one of my neighbors. It seemed like everyone had a great time. Most people really liked my portfolio but wished I had move than five images to display. I originally printed seven but once I had them matted two just didn’t feel like they fit my artist statement so I removed them. The actual review will by on Thursday of this week and I feel ready. I really want to here what the people I have selected have to say about improving my work.

I wanted to stay in line with my true shooting style tonight. I came up with a concept that really focuses on pose and line. I’m sure the pose was not easy for Shannon to hold while I tested the light set up but she didn’t complain. It took four test shots and multiple grid changes before I found the correct mix. Once we were dialed in I thought the results came out spectacular.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy