My Nude Year: Day 285 of 365

Tomorrow is a big day at the Houston Photographic Society. We are having family and friend night for all the people enlisted in this years portfolio review. The evening should be wonderful and a good dry run for all of us artists. The actual review will be on Thursday of this week. I hope to gain a lot of insight from the reviewers I have picked. Most of them are art teachers at nearby colleges. I think it will be wonderful for all of my friends to see the work of so many fantastic people I get to meet with on a monthly basis.

For tonight’s photo we took a minimalist concept and focused on one of Shannon’s breasts. I used a single light source placed directly in front of Shannon and shoot thru an umbrella. The lighting is soft and allowed the background to lightly fall off creating an additional softness to the image.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy