My Nude Year: Day 284 of 365

Our oldest son had his first big date tonight. It was so funny watching him blush over and over at just general conversation. The girl is very shy but seems nice. The kid’s godparents came over for dinner and to help us embarrass our son which needed no work. They brought their little one and he was not feeling well but did end up playing golf with me in the backyard. The way he was trying to kill the ball made me tell his mother that, “He must be a Purdy.” He was not having an easy time hitting the ball since we keep the grass long. So he decided instead of hitting it across the grass he would just try to pound it into the grass. He did a lot better once we got onto the concrete patio.

For tonight’s photo we worked on a frame within a frame composition. I set out key light with a shoot thru umbrella above Shannon and to the camera left side. Shannon got down in front of my living room chair and crossed her legs while looking back at the camera. I framed the shot so that you would see Shannon’s head through her legs, which act as the frame in the shot.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy