My Nude Year: Day 283 of 365

It’s 5am and I’m just now posting last night’s photo. As many of you remember I have a portfolio review coming up in a few days and I’ve been preparing for it over the past several weeks. I went and picked up my matted prints and in getting home started to go over my layout. I came to the realization that two of the photos did not fit with my artist statement and had to put them off to the side. I already had my artist statement printed on tri-fold handouts and so I’ve been scrambling all night to get some new ones made. The service I used will not be able to get them to me in time so I had to make some up in Photoshop and send them off to the local office supply store. I hope they come out okay.

Shannon came up with tonight’s pose since I have been working on the tri-folds non-stop. It really fits well into the other low-key images we have been shooting lately. Shannon and I are really starting to speak the same language with regard to photo concepts.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy