My Nude Year: Day 282 of 365

Tonight I was inspired by the work of Edward Weston. Weston is one of my favorite photographers. Now you might ask which Weston am I talking about, well actually it is Edward as well as Kim. I follow Kim and get his newsletter so I guess I would have to say I’m more familiar with his work. Kim shoots mostly figure study work and therefore I gravitate to his work. I was so proud a few years ago when I entered a figure study contest that Kim was judging and he awarded me with third place out of a worldwide submission, it was a great honor.

Tonight’s photo is a classic image concept that I’m sure you have seen before. Just search the Internet for Edward Weston nude and you should find the photo very quickly. He shot the photo in 1936 after his famous pepper number 30 photo however you can see the similarity in the composition.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy