Showing opens tomorrow May 5, 2017


I just wanted to remind everyone that the showing at the A. Smith Gallery opens tomorrow May 5, 2017. The showing titled  "she" will by held from May 5 to June 11, 2017, with a reception on May 27, 2017, from 4pm to 8pm. Shannon and I will be in attendance at the reception and hope to see you there. We drove up over the weekend to drop off the print and had a wonderful time. The gallery was very nicely arranged and the owners are great. We talked for a few minutes and really got a good feeling from them both. We then had lunch at a nearby cafe and just spent a pleasant day together. It was well worth the drive from Richmond. 

Thank you and hope to see you there,

JW Purdy

My nude year - Shannon Purdy Day 118

A. Smith Gallery showing

I am honored to have been selected for an upcoming showing at the A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. The showing titled "she" will by held from May 5 to June 11, 2017, and was juried by Kat Kiernan. So far one image from the My Nude Year project has been accepted. If you are in the area during the showing dates I encourage you to please drop by and pay a visit to this great exhibition. 

Thank you,

JW Purdy

JoMar Visions Gallery showing - Feb 11, 2017

I am happy to announce that I was selected for the upcoming show at the JoMar Visions gallery. The showing is for "All Things Erotic 2017". I'm sure it's going to be a blast. If you will by in the Houston area on Feb 11 please drop by. Get your tickets early, the event sells out quickly.

Thanks for all the support,

JW Purdy

January 1, 2017 JW Purdy Photography Press Release

Press Release            



“My Nude Year” Art Nude 365-day challenge now posted online. 

Richmond, TX – January 1, 2017/ -- JW Purdy Photography studio is pleased to announce that its 2017 long-term project is now starting and will be posted on the website to be viewed online.   

Offical Artist Statement:

"Chasing the Dawn"

There is special feeling and unique beauty about the dawn; it inspires me.  So does my wife and muse, Shannon.  Together, we are “Chasing the Dawn” in 2017.

Special.  Beautiful.  Unique.  Inspiring.  These four words describe our collaboration, the process and my hope with the project.  This year-long effort follows another project we completed, titled My Nude Year.

Once a month, Shannon and I will leave our home at about 3:00 in the morning, and drive wherever our instincts take us until dawn gives its first hints of arrival.  At that point, we will stop, set up for image making and then create as the sky is changing, the sun is breaking the horizon and the cool colors begin warming in a dreamy, new-day environment.  For mere minutes, we will create to combine the beauty of human and environmental inspiration, revealing them both to viewers while conveying the sensations of hope, beauty and newness.

To enhance the desired effect and feeling conveyed by the images, I will use photographic enlarging paper to create paper negatives from which to print. Creatively, geographically, artistically and inspirationally, “Chasing the Dawn” will take us to new horizons, which we gladly reveal and share with others.


JW Purdy is a published/exhibited photographer currently living in south Texas. He picked up his first professional camera in 2008 after a motorcycle accident ended his career as a pilot. He enjoys working with both amateur models as well as legends in the field of figure study. Models he has worked with include Katy_T, Brynn Cook, Valerie Whitaker and Zinn Star just to name a few.  

Shannon Purdy, JW’s muse/wife started her career as a figure model by chance. While assisting on a shoot the model hired decided she was unable to continue and Shannon took her place. After that first experience she scheduled a session with well-known local professional RJ Warren. RJ Warren, a published photographer as well as photo juror, enjoyed working with Shannon and invited her to a attend his studios open house. Shannon was able to meet with several local artists during the luncheon and was hired to work on several projects. She has worked with JW Brown, Dion McInnis, Jeff Jackson and Richard Tallent.  

You are encouraged to visit the project online as new posts will be made monthly.   

Contact: JW Purdy


The Photographic Nude 2017 - LightBox Gallery

I am happy to report that on December 19, 2016 our image from the My Nude Year project Day 228 was selected to be featured in a gallery exhibition. Mr. Kim Weston was the judge for the contest and has favorably selected my work in the past for publication. This contest is dedicated in Memory of Ruth Bernhard and her Creative Spirit. All work will be published in Blur magazine online edition in Spring 2017. The work will be exhibited from February 11, 2017 to March 8, 2017 in the LightBox Photographic Gallery 1045 Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon 97103 503.468.0238

If I have any followers in the area I would really appreciate it if you could stop by and let me know how the presentation looks in person. Thank you all so much for your support. 

JW Purdy

New project for 2017

I have decided on a new project for 2017. The project will be titled “Chasing the Dawn”. Once a month Shannon Purdy and I will set out at around 3 am in a random direction. We will drive until the sky turns that deep purple alerting you that the sun will be up shortly. Once it is clear that dawn is on the verge of breaking we will stop and find a spot to work from. I will set up one of my old land cameras and compose the shot. As the sun breaks over the horizon I will capture the scene before me. I will be photographing using film which is something I have wanted to use in a major project for a while now. Once I have the image recorded I will return home to develop the photo and make notes about our journey. We may change our departure time as necessary to get to different locations if needed. I believe it is going to be a fantastic year.

With this project, I would like to discover the subtle nuances of the early morning sun as it peeks over the horizon. The shift from dark to light and the dreamy feeling you get just as the sun comes up. I love the cool heaviness of the air in the morning and want to show the changing world as it opens before you. I would also like to see how that ever changing light plays on my wonderful muse. Due to the medium being used I feel most of the exposures will be fairly long and will give a dreamy quality to the photo. I hope the viewer will get the sense that they have just awoken from a dream and are trying to shake it off and join the new day.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

JW Purdy

Red River, New Mexico trip

Hello everyone,

We recently returned from a wonderful trip to New Mexico. We stayed in Red River and took advantage of some really great fishing spots. We also stopped by and talked with a local gallery owner and enjoyed his work. On our way back to Texas we took a pause for a few photos. It was really beautiful all around us and we couldn’t help but get lost in the cool mountain air.  Here are some of my favorite images with Shannon Purdy.

Thank you,

JW Purdy

Drifting back

Have you ever been in a coma, I have. When and if you wake up it really changes you. For the first couple of years you try to figure out who you were. After searching you finally give up and decide that that person is gone. Next you morph into a new being, maybe better maybe not. As you develop into this new person strange things, unexplainable things, keep popping up. Songs, prose, and even situations bring back strange feelings you can’t explain. You suddenly find yourself in old circumstances you know you have seen before. Its like you are a ratt caught in a circular maze. Round and round you go knowing it’s a maze but being no closer to the end. Then your mind flashes back to the same old question, “Am I really awake or still in the dream of nothingness?” I have asked myself that question since August 2001. Will I ever have the answer? How would you ever really know if you are awake or in some crazy dream world you mind just made up. Everything seems so real but are you absolutely sure of that specific reality. Everyone’s reality is their own so in a way none of us ever escape our minds eye. 

Times Square

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I recieved some really great news tonight. I was going over my inbox and came across this message. 

"We will be showing your image and your story at the show in New York City on June 8th at the iconic Frank Gehry designed space of 4 Times Square"

The photo will be featured in the category "The Beauty of Humanity"

So cool right. If you happen to be in the area please drop by and tell me how the image looked. They choose one image from last years, "My Nude Year" project. 


JW Purdy


This past Saturday Shannon and I had a wedding to attend. We decided to turn it into a mini vacation and got a hotel for the evening. Just playing around we took a few things and of course my camera. I do have to say I was very distracted but did capture a few images. I really like this one and felt the need to share it with all of you. I am so proud of Shannon and she has truly made big strides this year. I am happy to report that Shannon has lost 30 Lbs. since January 1. She has really taken her diet to the next level and really deserves some prays.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Impressive update - Shannon Purdy 20 down

I am so proud of Shannon. Shortly after the My Nude Year project ended Shannon went on a diet and has lost 20 lbs. in a short two months. She would still like to lose some for weight but I just wanted to celebrate her achievement. Currently being on a diet myself I can tell you that it is not easy. She is doing wonderfully and we wanted to show off her progress with you. So many of you have expressed you need to see her from time to time has prompted her to agree to shoot every once in a while.

Until next time,

JW Purd

Shannon Purdy down 20-3

The devil is in the details

Similar in the last post I made this photo of Leah Velocity really focuses your eye to her tattoos; however in this image the lines of her body have all been stacked straight on top of each other. Notice how the lines of the right side as well as the left side are in agreement with each other but set just off of the their opposite counterparts. With the amount of detail in the ink work and the compactness of the female form it really makes your eye stop and get a good grip on what is really going on in this photo.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Leah Velocity – On the decorative side

In this photo of Leah I love the sharp angles created by her wonderful pose. If Leah lacked the beautiful ink work this would still be a powerful image however note how well it compliments this composition. The delicate work on the near shoulder reminds the viewer that this is a soft creature of unparalleled beauty. The near should work reminds me of a perfectly laid doily on her body. 

Until next time,

JW Purdy