Questions about self shot photos

Fellow artist,

Sorry but I’m not understanding your message. Please correct me if I’m wrong but what I think you are asking is for me to view your photos, which I have, and give you my impression on which one of your images you should turn into a drawing. If this is not the case please disregard the rest of this message.

I know this will sound harsh but once long ago someone cared enough to tell me the same thing and it inspired me to become better at photography. I see no elements of composition in your own self-shot photos. They appear as just pictures of yourself nude without any forethought. Ouch, I know it hurts but it’s for a good reason. First, self-shot images are very difficult to pull off. I have from time to time attempted the task and it is much harder than it looks. When you sit down before you shoot, which I hope you do, do you think about how you want the final photo to look? If your answer is, no, you need to start. On to our second point of this discussion, find or invent an image you want to create. Know exactly how it is going to look when it is finished. Take the time to rearrange the scene just as you have visualized it. Setup your gear and get everything framed the way you want. Please remember to include the rules of composition in your planning and framing process. Even if you just keep an eye out for the basic elements such as the, Rule of Thirds or the Rule of Odds, it will make a drastic improvement in your images. Once everything is framed the way you want all you have to due is light the scene and push the shutter. If you don’t have a remote shutter release you can use the timer function on your camera or employ someone you don’t mind seeing you naked. After this you are ready to post your photo to the web or turn them into a painting/drawing as you desire.

With regard to the drawings you already have on display, some of them are very nice. I have an eye for angles and so the images with several bends in the legs and arms really grab my attention. A lot of work I find myself gravitating too has many implied triangles in it. I love looking at set’s of lines and finding all the triangles, its like where’s Waldo for adults. I would like to see some foreground and/or background interest in your work, but really it’s your art and not mine. I wish I could draw or paint but I’m found lacking in these departments.

I hope this message helps you and that I haven’t overstepped my bounds. Have a wonderful day and keep working. Please take a look at my blog as some of my more recent posts may help you see and find element of composition in a frame. I will include a few self-shot photos I attempted a long time ago for your review.


JW Purdy