The Art of Nude by JW Purdy - Changes for the blog in 2016

As we near the end of 2015 I have been thinking about the blog/show a lot. I have been considering what I would like to do with it moving forward. So far I have been recording one of our sessions from the “My Nude Year” project but seeing that it is drawing to a close I need to move directions. I think I would like to feature some discussions on other artists that work in the genre of art nude photography as well as give you some of my insights I have found along the way. I will be moving directions in my personal work towards a more film based concentration. I would really like to use and explore some of the old cameras I have in my collection.

You may remember that I received a number of old cameras earlier this year. Since I acquired them I have been exploring the idea of working with paper negatives. I’m not sure exactly where I want to go with it but I really think it will be great to play around with a new idea and get back into the darkroom. I know that with the advent of Photoshop you can do most of the ideas I want to try on the computer but I think it will be a fun challenge trying to complete them without the aid of a computer.

The biggest change to the show will be the name. As I stated a few month back I have been following a wonderful show since 2008 hosted by Ted Forbes. His show “The Art of Photography” has been a wonderful inspiration to me. I had fallen behind on watching the episodes when I came up with the name for my show and by pure accident named my show similarly. I will be correcting this by changing the name of the show to “Figured Lens”.

I sincerely thank all of you for your continued support and would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 36 - Model shoot – Girls in garages

In today’s episode we will be exploring a shot concept centered around one of Jim Morrison’s poems. In the poem Angels and Sailors Jim uses the phrase, “Girls in garages, stripped” and for some reasons this line has always stayed with me. As with a lot of Jim’s work I find a way weave it into my life some how. I found the Doors when I was still in elementary school and Jims voice has been echoing in my head every since the sound of his voice passed through my ears.  

Thank you,

JW Purdy