New project for 2017

I have decided on a new project for 2017. The project will be titled “Chasing the Dawn”. Once a month Shannon Purdy and I will set out at around 3 am in a random direction. We will drive until the sky turns that deep purple alerting you that the sun will be up shortly. Once it is clear that dawn is on the verge of breaking we will stop and find a spot to work from. I will set up one of my old land cameras and compose the shot. As the sun breaks over the horizon I will capture the scene before me. I will be photographing using film which is something I have wanted to use in a major project for a while now. Once I have the image recorded I will return home to develop the photo and make notes about our journey. We may change our departure time as necessary to get to different locations if needed. I believe it is going to be a fantastic year.

With this project, I would like to discover the subtle nuances of the early morning sun as it peeks over the horizon. The shift from dark to light and the dreamy feeling you get just as the sun comes up. I love the cool heaviness of the air in the morning and want to show the changing world as it opens before you. I would also like to see how that ever changing light plays on my wonderful muse. Due to the medium being used I feel most of the exposures will be fairly long and will give a dreamy quality to the photo. I hope the viewer will get the sense that they have just awoken from a dream and are trying to shake it off and join the new day.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

JW Purdy