Hiring an Art Nude Model

Hiring an Art Nude Model USA Sources

An art model is a person who poses for an artist for the purpose of creativity. There are many types of art works but the most common types used in modelling are figure drawing, figure painting, sculpture and photography. You may also use any other medium depending on your personal preferences. Art models are usually paid professionals who pose and provide the human figure in a work of art. Nude art models have been around for a long time and they go way back to the ancient Greece. There are many things which you should do for you to become a successful nude model. First, you have to be comfortable with your body, know a variety of poses and understand the proper protocol. On the other hand, as a photographer, there are many things which you should consider before hiring an art nude model.

What a photographer should expect from a figure model

Professional photographers will always know what to look for in a figure model. However, if you are a new photographer, there are some few things which you should expect from a figure model. By knowing some of these things, your photography will be excellent and your work will be much easier.

As a photographer, you should not be attracted by beauty or unique body types at first glance. These will come later after selecting your figure models. Therefore, you should always go for a model who is comfortable with his/her body. A model who blushes, covers up or tries to show off some flattering parts of the body is not a good candidate. The best candidate should always be comfortable in front of the camera at all times.

Secondly, you should ensure that the figure model is comfortable with the terms and conditions of work. In most cases, nude art modelling sessions run for about three hours with breaks of 10 minutes in average. Your model figure should know the number of poses, types of poses and the amount of breaks granted.

Third, as a photographer, you should know that art is dynamic. This means that your figure model should be expressive from their fingertips to the bottom of their feet. If any of the figure models is good at Yoga, that would be the best choice. Why? Because Yoga exposes most of the muscle reflexes in the body.

Fourth, you should know that each of the different poses can be held for short or long periods. Your figure model should therefore understand these poses. For instance, there are three kinds of poses; gestures, short poses and long poses.

What is the proper edict with shooting a figure model?

As a photographer, you should know that there is a lot of pressure which you will have to deal with when shooting. If you fail, then everything else goes down with you. Yes, you are that important. Therefore, there are some few things which you should do as a photographer:

·        You should agree with your model on time, location and rate. Time is very important in every aspect in life hence both parties should be punctual. In addition, the venue on which the shooting will take place should be convenient for both the photographer and model. For instance, there are some models who are interested in nature or landscape venues. The rate refers to the amount of money to be paid to the model. It may be hourly or fixed price.

·        Next, you should take a photo of the photographer holding his/her ID. In case the model is under age, the parent or guardian should be with them.

·        There is usually a model release which should be signed by the model before the shooting commences.

·        Figure models are not machines, hence you should have a schedule for breaks of say 10 or 20 minutes. There should also be water, light snacks and a changing room.

·        As a photographer you should not touch the model when suggesting poses. Experienced model will always have a variety of poses therefore you will have an easy time. But for new models, you may come with poses from magazines. Music is not always essential.

How to find a figure model

If you have money, you can always go to an agency and hire a model but there are always other options of finding a figure model in USA:

The easiest way is by joining a modelling community website. There are many good websites which will allow you a free membership level. Some of the best website sources include:

·        www.net-model.com

·        www.purestorm.com

·        www.modelmayhem.com

·        www.purpleport.com

·        www.madcowmodels.co.uk

After you locate your model, you should contact them via email. Here, you should let them know what you want and if you are new to model photography you should say so. You should also be prepared for disappointments as some models may not respond while others may never turn up for the shoot.

As a new photographer or new to figure study you should know a few things that can feel intimidating at first. You should encourage the model to bring an escort, especially new models. This will generally make the model feel more at ease. One thing I always tell new models it that jealous boyfriends and husbands don’t make good escorts. If the model will not be able to bring an escort I let them know I will find someone to be my escort. Key Note: If you are shooting a female model you need a female escort and vice-verse. I personally am lucky and have a female assistant that attends all of my shoots and is a semi-retired figure model. Even if you don’t have this built in feature know that two sets of eyes are better than one. As you escort to do a little research prior to the shoot. Ask them to come up with a few ideas on their own.

Once the model arrives introduce yourself and possible your escort. Spend a few minutes learning about your model. Actually listen to your model and don’t just try to over sell yourself. Hopefully you have been honest with the model and he/she knows you are not that experienced at figure study work. Ask the model what they would like to get out of the shoot other than just a few dollars. I have built several long and quality relationships with models I consider to be some of them to be the most awesome people I have ever met.

I recommend you pay your model. I used to shoot TFP (Trade for Print). TFP is where you arrange a trade of the models time for a copy of your prints. I generally don’t do this anymore on the advice of a friend. He stated that it is a pretty hard sell to a judge if a model ever takes you to court. Most judges feel the model is sacrificing so much but fail to see the quality or work you provide. It doesn’t seem right but that is the way the ball bounces. I have at times paid models all I could afford $15 per hour. I know it’s not much but as long as they agree to the rate most people will find it acceptable in my opinion. For your typical shoot this would be a total of $30 plus a copy of the photos. This was the amateur model and you are both benefiting from the work. They are covering the expenses to drive to the location plus makeup as well as getting a few prints for a portfolio. You are getting to meet a potential great model and working partner, images for your portfolio and experience working with the nude figure.

Just take it slow and you will do fine. Now get out there and take a chance. You never know it may be the best thing you have done in a very long time.


Happy shooting,

JW Purdy