Sneak peek Day 2 of the Polaroid project

As promised here is a sneak peek at our second shoot for the new Polaroid project. We started driving late Sunday evening just scouting around for some good locations to work in and found a new tractor hooked up and ready to go in a dried up rice field. The sun was near the horizon and we started to work. I’m so glad I bought a pack of color film it came in very handy. We shot with both my Canon DSLR and the Polaroid Blue camera. Personally, I captured a photo with the Canon that is my favorite. Shannon climbed inside the rim of the tractor tire and we started to shoot. I think I should start off with the Canon and move to the Polaroid once we find a shot I love.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-1 by JW Purdy