Polaroid Project Day 2: The photo I missed

I have been telling you that I really missed a great shot the day we went shooting in the rice field with the abandon tractor. I was not being sparing with my film and just ran out at the wrong time. As soon as I exposed the last image Shannon jumped in the rim of the John Deere and I knew I had made a big mistake in taking multiple shots of the empty field. I ran back to the car and got out my Canon digital camera which I had brought along as back-up. I’m so glad I at least had the forethought to bring a back-up camera. I think this is the best shot of the day and only wish I had captured it with the Polaroid. In working with the image in post, I don’t know if it would have been exposed correctly on the instant film due to the time of day so maybe it’s best I took it with the digital camera. By and by I’m just glad I captured the image.

Have a great weekend,

JW Purdy

Polaroid project shoot Day 2 Canon shot by JW Purdy